My nose is always in a book. Actually, it’s more like three. And, of those, two are self-improvement books.

One book I’m reading is, “How Successful People Win: Turn Every Setback Into A Step Forward” by John Maxwell. When I read Maxwell, I feel like he is talking to me.

Whether you’re a supervisor, executive, line worker or owner, here’s a tip I got that resonated with me on how to check yourself with fellow workers.

Often I’d hold team meetings and ask for feedback. Sometimes I’d ask specifically if there was anything I could improve. Often that request was met with crickets.

I thought that by asking, I was telling them that it’s OK to offer constructive criticism.

Maxwell offers a better way.

If you think that you’re off track in some way, ask people to verify it for you. “They will be more likely to speak freely if you’ve brought up your deficiency first,” he wrote.

So, what are you reading and what have you learned?

If you’re not reading something to help you grow – why aren’t you?